Competency Verification 

Worker Competency Management empowers you to determine and set the competencies required for each role and person who works for you – in one online platform.

With Pegasus industry experts on hand, build a detailed roles matrix – matching work roles to the competency and training required to do the job.

Pegasus Worker Competency Management efficiently manages the compliance process online, meaning no more paperwork and complex spreadsheets. Full verification means you can report on and identify exactly what workers are qualified and inducted to do – and deploy them to site, knowing they are trained experts.

How Worker Competency Management Works


Add Workers

Using their company profile, an administrator enters and edits their workers in the online system, including their contact details.


Upload Competencies

The relevant documentation is uploaded for verification and inductions are booked to support the worker’s competence.


Access ID Cards

Workers are issued with ID cards linked to their online profile, which are scanned by the Pegasus mobile app or site access points to check compliance.



Assign Work Roles

Site and project roles are selected for each worker, determining the competency documents and safety inductions that must be completed to carry out their role.


Identity/Visa Checks

If required, identity checks may be completed via a 100-point ID check and greenID™ to allow Pegasus to verify visa entitlements.



Verification Engine

Pegasus thoroughly verifies all documents and worker data. The system assigns competencies to workers and approves their registration only when all inductions have been completed.



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