About Us

iskills Competency Verification services provides an independent reliable way to ensure your workers and contractors meet company, client, industry, legislative and regulatory requirements for the work they are required to carry out. We offer:

  • Competency analysis to accurately determine all workforce competency requirements and identify skills gaps
  • Independent competency verification ensuring a rigorous process, removing any business conflict of interest and minimizing risk exposure
  • Competency data management through the iskills Management Database (CMD) with records easily accessible and customized reporting delivered to clients
  • Worker competency cards with photo ID and QR code linked to full database details of worker competency status for all relevant clients
iskills Competency Management Database (CMD) enables real-time visibility of current and authentic competency status for all workers through one or more of the following:

  • User login to the CMD
  • Via the QR code on a workers iskills competency card (allowing onsite validation of worker competency by the employer, contractor, client or industry auditor
  • Customised client reporting

The CMD is readily configurable allowing easy set up of existing competency frameworks along with transition to any changes.


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