Powerco Operational Communications

This training course outlines the requirements and provides guidelines for verbal communication via radio-telephone, telephone, cell-phone or like between the Electricity Operations Control Centre and Service Provider’ Employees, Transpower and other network operators including large customer networks.

The course will ensure that all persons understand the protocols when operating in the Distribution Network.

Recommended for

Any person whose job requires them to communicate with the network control centre operators.

Course Objectives

  • Communication Principles
  • Basic Communications Model
  • Effective Listening
  • Culture & Differences
  • Verbal Communication/Non-verbal Communication
  • Professionalism at work
  • Effective questioning
  • Telephone/radio technique
  • Contractor communication with Network Operations Control Centre
  • Emergency Communication Procedures

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Available nationwide upon request

Maximum 12 attendees

  • 1 Day

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