Does your team work on or near equipment in the electricity distribution sector? Are they required to access pillar boxes, transformers or substations?

To enter or work near restricted areas within our distribution networks, including Vector, Wellington Electricity, Aurora and Power Co,  around New Zealand, your team must be compliant and familiar with the network owner’s policies and procedures. Here at iskills we provide a comprehensive training programme to ensure that a commitment to safety is top of mind at every required refresher course. Our Network Safety Training is highly interactive and activity based – keeping teams engaged, knowledgeable and safe.

 Our goal is to stimulate your team to develop better decision-making skills, better communication and to strengthen their analytical skills.

 We centre our programme on work based scenarios across the following topics.

  • The Electricity Supply Industry
  • SM-EIs – practical examples of using Safety Manuals within the Electricity Industry
  • Minimum approach distances
  • Supervision requirements and responsibilities
  • Hazard and risk assessment and control
  • Selection and use of safety equipment
  • Competency Certification Systems
  • Clear, concise and complete communication
  • Safe practices and site visit to a restricted area