In chatting with people in the industry, it’s quite common to hear that supervisor promotions are given to employees who have worked in the job the longest. While it’s a nice idea to reward those who have put their time in, working in a particular role for several years does not equate to having the necessary skill set required in order to successfully lead a team.

Work Party Supervision is a two-day course designed to take someone who works alongside their crew and equip them with the leadership skills required for the next step in their careers.

iskills Quality Manager Katrina Foster explains that it can sometimes be a difficult transition coming from a position as ‘one of the boys’ to taking a leap into now leading them. Our team has ensured the course content includes the essential building blocks for successful leadership.

How you communicate effectively to one person may not be received or perceived the same way to someone else. If you set clear expectations, understand the variations of communication styles, and know how to motivate your team, a transition into a leadership role will be far smoother than without this knowledge.

Our content also includes understanding the EEA guide attributes of employers/workers providing supervision, problem solving, delegation, and conflict resolution. The iskills Work Party Supervision course is a must for anyone who is new to leadership or is currently in a leadership role and seeking further direction or improvement in their skills.